Thursday, October 11, 2012

Solitude and mushrooms

Because of some unseasonably nice weather we put aside some homeschool time and went outdoors. Three trails in three days. We found plants and beauty and gorgeous vistas...and even some solitude. Laurel was mostly in charge of the camera and snapped pictures of everything from a squirrel to moss. (mostly mushrooms though)

And what I learned is that sometimes I need to slow down. Usually when we go out somewhere it's on my schedule. But the last few days hiking with a little buddy I realized that it's not all about me.

So I had to slow down...A LOT.

And stand still while she snapped pictures.

And accept it when she didn't want to learn what I wanted to teach.

And watch while she began to be captivated by the beauty around her (without mom to tell her how captivating it is).

I really had no idea how much more homeschooling was than just educating my child.

I'm starting to get it now.

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