Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Baby Knits

A baby is always a good reason to knit. (especially if it's a long elfish hat) I always make these a little bigger than they need to be because I hate something that can be worn right away, and then never again. I wanted this hat to be good for a couple of years of wear. (the down side being it can't be worn until his head grows a little)

I normally hate pom poms...but somehow since it's a baby hat it just seemed naked without it. I actually haven't made a pom pom since about 1988, I learned it in Girl Scouts, made about 100 and then didn't make another until this project.

I wrapped it another of my leftover giveaway bags from way back in my ETSY store days. One of these days I will finally use the last one...till that day comes it saves me time and money to wrap it in a pre-made fabric bag. (plus it's good to keep trash out of the landfill, right?)

You know, I was cursing the bad weather...but it's gotten me back in a crafty frame of mind. More projects to come...

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