Sunday, September 9, 2012

Old Book Project 1: Painted Dictionary

Laurel and I were playing Scrabble on Friday, and since I play to win, I wasn't going easy on her. But there were a few words I wasn't sure of the tense and spelling. So, I put "dictionary" on my Wal-mart list, cause who doesn't need a dictionary when they play Scrabble?*

However, before I got there, I stopped at the library to pick up some holds that were waiting (more homeschool books of course). On my way out I perused the used book sale; guess what was there? That's right an old hard-bound dictionary, for a $1. So I bought it and brought it home to Laurel. She was excited when I told her I bought her something, and even more excited when I told her she could paint the cover any way she wanted to. So with the pages protected (I just tucked construction paper around them), and armed with brushes and acrylic paint, she decorated her own dictionary.

There was a reason for this, if there is something you love, you're more likely to use it. I want this dictionary to be her companion throughout the years. Something she looks fondly back on, not only because of this project, but because of the years of use she got out of it. And since I've narrowed down my curriculum choice to the Classical Education trivium, I'm sure it will see plenty of use. (plus we've already used it twice, to look up horehound candy and grippe...both from our chapters of Little House last night)

*Granted most of the modern world would just use their smart phones to look it up...but I want her to learn the hard way first. I believe it will serve her better later on to learn that there are more ways to find information than from the internet.

Note- Old books can have old book problems, in our case the cover was a little torn at the spine and the spine had come loose from the cover. I just used craft glue and put everything back together before she painted. Good as new. (not really, but I love old books)

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