Saturday, September 29, 2012

National Public Lands Day and a New Trail Opens

On my way to this shindig we're jamming to the music, cruising down the road with the ocean to our left and the rain pouring down...and I thought to myself are we really headed to a hike on this rainy fall day? Then I answered (in my head) HELL YEAH WE ARE! You know why? Cause we're Alaskan now baby! You don't let a little weather stop you from having a good time.

And it didn't stop us. There were upwards of 80 folks out to enjoy the food (some awesome fresh caught salmon was the highlight), the park improvements and hike the new trail.

The trail was awesome, the food was great and we really felt like part of a community. Despite the crappy typical weather, it was a good day. (honestly, I didn't even notice the weather once we got there)

Happy National Public Lands Day everyone! Get out there and enjoy a park!!

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