Wednesday, June 15, 2011

To My Friends

To Caixia,
For five years we worked together. You watched me go through two pregnancies. Every day you commented on how much milk I produced pumping at work after both babies were born, you were like my own little cheering squad. I enjoyed saying things that made you blush and giggle. You had a kind heart and a quick humor. There wasn't a single time that you could not produce what I asked for. (and I asked for a lot) I never did get your recipe for your potato dish, I really hope someone else did. Every time I make it for the rest of my life I will tell a story about you, and once I stop being sad about your untimely (and totally unfair) death I will smile and laugh when I think about the funny times we had together.

To Denghui,
Never have I met a harder working guy. You stayed calm every day for the five years I worked with you. (Except for the time you called in sick to work from home because Chief wouldn't give you a minute to think) You saved the day so many times, I honestly don't know how Olis can live without you. Instruments that weren't ready to ship, you made them ready. Computer bugs, PMT issues...almost solved. You pulled me out of a million techsupport jams and not one time did you need to BS your way through, you knew every aspect of the programming and the hardware. You were an amazing talent, and I am so sad that I will never be able to call someone Butt Clown in chinese again. (to be honest, I only did it to make you laugh) It just isn't fair. It really just isn't fair.

To the a-hole who was in such a hurry this morning and just had to run the red light...I hope you learn what an incredible couple they were. And I hope you wake up every day and think about the people you killed because of your selfishness.

Your Friend,


Mary Virginia said...

I have no words! So sad!

Lynn Kitchens said...

I so agree with the things you have said and they were soooo sweet and loving to each other. Many times I worked after hours and they were always stopping in to tell me goodbye and the smiles they both had will always be in my memories.

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