Friday, June 24, 2011

Alaska or Bust

After what seems like an agonizing eternity of waiting, we have some incredible news to share. It looks like we are moving to Alaska. That's right folks, Ketchikan, Alaska. First stop on the Alaskan tour line, island, rain forest, temperate climate...what can I say, we're so excited. For a minute there we thought the offer wasn't coming and we were SO bummed (and trying to pretend like we weren't). Now that the initial drama is over, we can move on to phase 2, which is the moving phase. We have approx. 2 weeks to pack and skat, and 2 weeks to get there. (We have our work cut out for us)

But can I just take a moment to talk about my incredible husband? He is incredible. It's because of him that we are about to set out on this amazing adventure. I thought I knew him inside and out, then he started throwing out curveballs like "let's move to Belize." I knew he didn't REALLY mean it, but he started researching anyway. And each time he threw out a crazy idea it seemed a little less crazy. Then one night he emailed me and said, "what about Ketchikan, Alaska?" I looked it up online and I was hooked. I wrote him back and said it looked like Stars Hollow, Alaska and I told him to put in an application. So he did. (did all the old Gilmore Girls fans catch the reference?)

We have 3000 miles ahead of us to camp and explore the country on our way to our new home. I just couldn't be more thankful for a husband who wanted a better life for us, and made it happen. I sure love that guy. Now if we can only sell 2 houses, 4 cars and 1 camper we'll be set. Anybody want some goats?

Here are some pictures from our visit a few weeks ago. It was so much more beautiful than my pictures can show. And everyone (I mean everyone) fishes, crabs and shrimps. They pull in a 30 pound salmon and think nothing of it. They pull in a 200 pound halibut and it's a pretty good fishing day. They pull in 20 crabs and a few gallons of shrimp, it's just dinner. And they all have smokers in the backyard for their salmon. It's all so commonplace that they think you're strange for thinking it's strange. It will be a whole new life for us, filled with kayaking and hiking and of course seafood. If anyone is up this way on the Alaskan cruise line, don't forget to stop in and say hello. We'll take you out kayaking, feed you some seafood and show you a good time.


ssnorkelsue said...

sounds like a wonderful adventure! life is there for the taking and we have to be proactive for that to happen. we are so excited for all of you and believe it will be a magical journey into a new life. there will be things for each of you to enjoy and benefit from-what more can you ask!! hopefully we'll see you someday on a cruise stop and you can share your new world with us. please continue to post on your blog so we can watch the adventure unfold. love, uncle bob and aunt sue

Maggie said...

Awww...thanks guys. We are SO excited. We will keep up the blog (hopefully better than I have been). We thought about you guys when the Disney Cruise ship pulled into port while we were in town. You are welcome any time!

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