Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Sighs

Now that summer vacation has begun it's like the whole world has changed. (strange since my kids don't go to school yet) And while "summer vacation" has already brought parties, camping, museums and swimming...there is an unspoken torture for me. Quietly in my soul I can feel the ticking of a clock, reminding me that my kids will be going to school in just a few short months. Once they start school you never get to have that easy-schedule-spend-all-day-with-your-kids-doing-something-or-nothing kind of day again. Suddenly it's school at this time, then soccer and dance and karate and dinner has to be quick because we have to go here or there...

I'm tired just thinking about it. I loved this last couple of months just being with my kids and being able to anything we wanted at any time of day. I think that's called freedom...I like freedom. I always hated being chained to a schedule and to a clock. (especially since I was away from my kids most days) I'm not prepared to lose our collective freedom!


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