Wednesday, July 28, 2010


That's right...SPOONFLOWER. More specifically, You can pretend to be Amy Butler for a day. You can import, edit and order your own fabric design. It's pricey, which is why (at least for now) I'm just playing with the design function...not so much the ordering. But look...they took a little design I did for Laurel, and with a mirrored effect gave it a whole new look! The potential of such a thing! I like the printed dolls on the homepage...just imagine how many dolls you could print out in one yard...suddenly the $18-$32 a yard doesn't seem so high. Especially if you plan well and designed 5 or more kids dolls on the one yard. Right? Right?!?!



I love how the mirror effect gave the picture a new life, and it's own pattern that was both geometric and organic at the same time! Oh the potential for wasted time is mind that is my warning to you. Have your own risk.

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