Saturday, July 31, 2010

Personalized Mermaid Birthday Party

For Laurel's 5th party she was very into mermaids. I hate the traditional Disney Mermaid decorations, so I decided to make a Mermaid Laurel party. It started with a trip to Hobby Lobby to buy enough scrapbook paper to make the invitations. I bought flesh colored, hair colored, and a series of solid blue-greens for the fish body and coordinating patterns for the waves. I sketched the basic pattern out and then started cutting a pasting until I liked the way it looked.

Once it dried I scanned the original into the computer so that I could make the invitations. I just used MS Word for these, putting 4 on the front side. I made these into postcards, so for the back I made a paper crab and inserted some text with all the party info.

For the party itself I printed out the mermaid onto stock paper and cut the shape out and glued it to a skewer. Then I did the same with the some other aquatic creatures and stuck them all into the cake. I also printed out a rectangle shape with the mermaid saying "Thank You for coming to Laurel's party!" and used them to close the cellophane treat bags.

Lastly I framed the original Mermaid Laurel and gave it to Laurel as a present...all in all the memories last forever, and the cost was less than $10, including all the printing, the cake ingredients AND the goody bags. can't beat that.

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