Wednesday, May 12, 2010

No Time

While I don't have time to do much sewing, crafting, baking or breathing right now...I read about them instead on other peoples blogs. I have to say, I was slow to see the point of blogs (though I do enjoy keeping one myself...obviously), but now I actually prefer the format to almost any other. I like to hear (read) the voice of someone elses life, especially someone I admire (for some reason or other). I actually get a snap shot of another family's reality. That's pretty cool. So I figured since nothing to show for myself these days, I'd showcase the cool ladies who seem to find time to do cool things all the time. The new blog I read (which I check every day) was sent to me by my SIL who has almost the same interests as me, which is pretty awesome. And she was right, it is one of the coolest sites:
I am going to make this coffee table one day...and I'm painting it the same color.

I love the style and tone of this blog. She's also got some all natural beauty product recipes, which I love. And some real recipes that I love more. Whoopie Pies...I live in the south and I've never made one. Guess I should try...

Amanda Blake Soule...seems to live the perfect life. And that's why I read her blog. The first one I ever read was a birthday party they were getting ready for...the baby of the family. And all the other kids were busy hand making their gifts. Need I say more?

And I almost forgot! The very first blog I ever found...before I even knew what a blog was...or that I was reading one. I have been following Heidi Swanson for years...(not like a stalker)...I love her approach to cooking. I love her recipes and her photographs. I have had her cookbook on my library list for 6 months...6 MONTHS. And it still hasn't come yet. (But at least I get my weekly dose) In fact I printed out this recipe and will make it tonight since I have a fridge full of greens from this weeks CSA box.

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Sewing-Chick said...

Thanks for visiting my site :) I had never heard of Knock-off Wood, but I'm checking them out right now! And Whoopie pies- I just had one tonight that my friend made... it had a peanut butter filling in between two chocolate cookies and was heavenly :)

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