Monday, May 17, 2010

Herriot Grace

I HAVE to sew this week...I have 5 teacher gifts, and one birthday gift. No time, and yet it must be...

In the meantime, look at this picture.

Did you look at it long enough? It is so beautiful. It has so many elements that I love, old wood (table), hand crafted wood pedestal, hand decorated cake (beautifully decorated I might add).

This is from Herriot Grace, and I think I'm in love.

I had found them before through Heidi Swanson's "favorite things" posts. Last week she revisited them with some Quinoa Cloud Cookies, and so I flipped over to the site to see that they are completely out of stock...of everything. Can you imagine? That must feel good (though good mixed with the stress of restocking 100% handmade items). Check them out. I think I'll try a variation on the cookie. We do ducky cookies in our house typically, and while I generally use oat flour in my mix (mild and sweet) I will definitely try Heidi's suggestion of toasting the flours first. As a cajun I understand well about browning flours, as it's the base of just about all our dishes...Gumbo in particular. But I've never browned a dessert flour before. I'm anxious to try it...maybe I'll never use untoasted flour again!

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