Monday, February 16, 2009

Personalized Valentines Cards

I've been working more with my card designs so that my paintings have a more marketable platform to stand on. Laurel's Valentines were helpful because it forced me to sit down and play with some new designs, and make some new templates. The final draft of the Valentines are below. I was pleased with the result, and so was Laurel...which of course is vastly more important. I think she was proud to give out the cards that she had worked so hard on with me.

It was also my sister's birthday this week, and not knowing what to buy her I ended up waiting until the last minute. She's got a bit of the artsy bug as well, so I put together a personalized sketch pad, pencils and a tote to fit it all. I was pleased with the design that made it easy to slip the sketch pad in and out, plus kept all the colored pencils organized and easy to get at. She seems to like it, so that made me happy. And of course I took production photos of it and posted it as a gift set.

When I get a chance I'll make one for myself as well. I'm going to modify mine so that it has room for all of adult no no...not ADULT stuff, I'm not a porn star. My sister is only she doesn't yet carry a wallet, keys, phone, etc. Therefore I will need to make a tote that has a compartment for my sketch pad and a place for pencils...since I prefer to have my pad with me at all times (you never know when ideas will strike you); but it will also need to have a place for phone, keys, wallet, etc and still be useful and organized. Plus, I have this incredible handpainted fabric I bought over the weekend and I can't wait to use it on my new bag! I love it so much I want to wear this fabric...and I might if I ever had a chance to make something for myself!


rayandsuzie said...

Wow - just wanted to let you know you've got a new fan. I'm the co-founder of Green Planet Parites and your stuff is amazing. Keep me posted on any low priced items you could offer as party give-aways. Your eye for funky kid's design is simply amazing! where are you located?

co-founder Green Planet Parties

rayandsuzie said...

haha..I'm doing this too late at night. The url is:

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