Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Spoiler Alert...if your last name is Dorman...don't read this!!

Christmas is almost here, which means the last minute rush is almost over.  I guess I have to apologize in advance to my loved ones...I just didn't have the time to do all that I wanted to do.  There is only so much I can do...and I'm quickly running out of time.  I decided a while ago that I didn't want to sew on Christmas Eve.  Whatever I was going to do needed to be done by today.  (Which likely means I will be up all night)  But, it is winding down.  I've almost finished my nieces' gifts. My nephews will have to be purchased because there was no chance of them getting done in time.  I was going to do the same gifts for all of the couples in my family, but it was all hinging on being able to do something I had never done before. didn't work.  So on to plan B.  Ok, so I don't actually have a plan B and I have no idea what I'll be giving people!  
I did have to show off a picture of the mermaid smock that Erik and I were working on.  It was really nice to have his input on this one.  I was making it too complicated.  He stepped in and designed a much simpler, and I think much cuter mermaid.  It's even cuter in person because you can really see the detailing in the hair and tail.   I didn't really want to show a preview of the mermaid smock because I wanted to unveil it to everyone all at once...but really, how could I not?!?!  

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