Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Good news comes in twos, Lobsters come in threes

Two pieces of good news;
1) I got my first real sale from someone I didn't know.  She ordered three of the Luke the Lobster hats
2) I got into the craft fair on the 8th of November

So, now I'm busy working on getting the order out, and trying to build up my inventory to take to the show.  It's a lot to think about, a lot to worry about and a lot to plan for.  Though, I think in the end I just can't plan for everything.  This first show will be a huge learning curve with a lot of lessons learned the hard way I'm sure.  I'm not looking forward to the hard lessons, ideally I'd prefer to avoid them.  But with as quickly as I've started this whole idea, there is no way I'm doing everything right.  I'm sure I'm not even close.  
At this point I just wish I had some sick or vacation days to take so that I could get some more work done.  As it stands now I not only have to build up my inventory, but I have to do it when I'm not at work and not dealing with the kids.  So far this has meant sewing when I have someone else on hand to help with the kids or waiting until they've gone to sleep to start working.  Last night I sewed till 1AM and was up again at 6AM to do some more.  In order to get ready for the show I'll need to work that much everyday if not more. 

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