Wednesday, October 15, 2008

First Prototypes

After a lot of thinking, planning, designing and fighting with my machine I was able to get some actual work done.  I like the overall look of the frog.  It's still missing it's eyes, tongue, etc.  But the basic design is there.  I thought it worked out well, though I'd prefer a rounder hat.  So I will have to keep working on that.  I also managed to make a trial birds nest scarf out of felt.  The real product (I think) will be made out of fleece, but for the sake of speed and cost this one is felt.  I think the dimensions worked out right.  Now I need to make a bird-hat to go with it.  I think that will be the next project.  That's a pretty fast one since there are no arms or legs to worry about.  
But so far I'm enjoying the process of designing, planning and trying.  I've enjoyed working on these more than any work I've done professionally ever.  So that's saying a lot.

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