Saturday, September 3, 2016

New Experiences=Vomit

Traveling full time with your kids, it's all about spending quality time together, living slow, and trying new things...right? 

Well, sometimes new experiences are just gross. Such as, the balut egg. For those of you who are not-in-the-know, a balut egg is...

Yuck, right?

My kids first heard about balut eggs in Ketchikan, and read about it later in a duck magazine. (Yes, there are duck's a thing) So when we came upon a food truck at a Farmer's Market that had balut eggs, my kids could not pass it up.

So we bought it, and brought it home. (Just in case anyone was going to throw up, I figured they'd rather do it in the comfort of their own campsite.)

Jon cracked a hole in the top, and Laurel, Luke and Jon took turns taking sips of the "broth" which is supposed to be what you do first, before cracking the egg completely open to eat the yolk and tiny duck.

 (I use the term "broth" could also call it warm-baby-duck-juice...blegh.)

Then it has to be cracked open to reveal the yolk and tiny duckling...

Are you tempted yet?

Oh boy, it just gets better and better.

Oh my, the reactions were worth the $2.

Honestly they all said it tasted fine, ok, or interesting...but two of them gagged, and one of them threw up. Want to know who couldn't hold his duck?

THIS GUY. Yep, this picture is post-vomit.

How did it taste? 
I have no idea. 

I love trying new things, but I have limits.

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