Sunday, February 21, 2016

Space Dreams

As a child my biggest hero was Sally Ride. I collected every Odyssey Magazine (space magazine for kids in the 80s), punched holes in them and kept them in a binder. In case that wasn't space-nerdy enough, I had a mural of a space shuttle on my wall, and dreams of NASA when I was grown.

So obviously, THAT dream never came to be...but my giddy-ness about space never quite went away. I think my excitement, plus my kids own natural interest in space has made this one of the most anticipated places we've visited yet! Rockets, shuttles, IMAX documentaries, a launch...what more could you ask for?

A real live rocket launch!

We did SO much while we were on the Space Coast.

We visited the Kennedy Space Center (twice),

Luke with his hands in John Glenn's handprints.

Space Fountain in Titusville.

Always fun in the gift shop!

Yep, that guy is fake...tee hee.

This was the only place where you had 
to wait in line to take a picture!

the Orlando Science Museum (twice),

We saw the Orion Nebula, the moon, and Jupiter 
from the powerful telescopes in the observatory.

Landing a plane in the museum, it was tricky.

Luke making a friend in the science exhibit.

we kayaked with dolphins at Merrit Island Wildlife Refuge, and played at Cape Canaveral Seashore.

Talk about an amazing two weeks; we kayaked, swam, played, learned and watched SIX documentaries on either IMAX or cinedome screens! (and somehow in the middle of it all we managed to get some school work done and our taxes filed)

We were sad to say goodbye to the Space Coast, it is the strangest mix of the highest technology in the world and beautiful expanses of nature. Not too many places give you both so close together.  I am so glad that we stopped here, originally we hadn't planned to come up the west coast of Florida at all. We ended up staying at a county park (Brevard County), called Manatee Hammock. It was a crowded park, but still very natural (lots of trees, water view)...AND...we could watch the launch right from the park's dock. And, if you want to stay a while, you can actually camp here for 6 months. (While that didn't help us, a lot of people seemed excited about it.)

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