Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Ferry Time

I realize we've the grid...since we left Alaska.


Partly I think it was emotional space that I needed as we transitioned from one life to another, and partly I just didn't have technology and/or internet at the same time. (Plus I'm having to use the kids' cameras and Jon's nothing seems simple right now!)

First things first.

The ferry.

I have never had such a traumatic/wonderful/emotional/difficult goodbye as the day we got on the ferry. Our friends came and met us and there was playing, hugging, crying and laughing simultaneously. Then there was that last few minutes, standing on top of the ferry, watching Ketchikan (and our friends) slip away.

Talk about emotionally exhausting.

Thank goodness there is absolutely NOTHING TO DO on the ferry.

When there is nothing to do, we do nothing. We played games, slept, ate, watched a documentary about the Alaska Marine Highway and generally just hung out.

It was wonderful, and exactly what we needed after the hectic, emotionally charged and physically exhausting last couple of weeks we had in Alaska.

Since then we have traveled across the country, picked up the camper, had Thanksgiving with family, and started testing out our camping skills in Georgia and South Carolina. I will try to catch up with pictures and posts, and with any luck I will catch up to our current location soon. (I'll give you a hint though, there are loud waves and large shells...

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