Sunday, May 17, 2015

Tourist for a Day 2015 Ketchikan, Alaska

We just can't help ourselves when it comes to Tourist-for-a-Day.  Do all tourist towns do this, or is it just Ketchikan?  I don't know...but we love it.  It gives us an opportunity to do all the amazing things that the tourist do, but for much much less.  (Thank do the tourists afford it?)

Every year we try something new, but only if all of us can do it.  (Some have height and weight minimums)  This year Luke was big enough for the Adventure Karts...yay!  We weren't sure about this one...would it be fun?  Would it be scary?

Fun...check.  Scary...not really.  You could drive fast or slow, you could snake around the road or just drive normal.  It was VERY dusty, and very bright.  (Two things that don't happen too often in Southeast we were elated to have both!)

To be honest, we've enjoyed every tour and adventure in this either everything is awesome, or we're just WAY to easy to please.  Look at the view from the top of the course!  AMAZING!

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Aunt Coco said...

How fun!

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