Thursday, January 1, 2015

100 days of becoming maggie blue


As the new year approaches, I tend to look towards changes I want to make.  But somehow this year is different.  It use to be that I would want compartmentalized things; lose weight, run a 5k, learn something, do something...blah blah blah.  Year after year I would end up with the same list, very rarely accomplishing it from the year before and then listing it again.

This year, I don't want that.  I want to continue this transition that I've begun, and kick it up a notch.  I see on Facebook and Pinterest everyone wanting to get organized in 100 days, transform their abs in 100 days, eat organic food for 100 days.  But this year that just doesn't feel like enough for feels like a's the opposite of what I want.

I want to live soulfully, conciously, authentically.  I want changes in every aspect of my life, leading to the path that will help me be the best version of myself.  (no matter what my abs look like)

I do want to eat heatlhier.
I do want to exercise more.
I want to feel more organized.

But I want MORE than that. I want to feel like myself, my true self.  As a family we are going to work towards 100 days of improving ourselves as individuals by improving ourselves as a family. We will make real food a focus, as well as being more active.  But more importantly we will incorporate and focus on being authentic; deepening our connections with each other, communing with nature, experiencing real joy and practicing gratitude.

Some things I will simply incorporate into our lives, others we will work on as a family, and some we will work on individually.  As this process (and it's progress) unfolds I will share what we've done and how we've done it.  But we couldn't be more ready.  I feel like we've been setting the stage for this, and now it's time.

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