Thursday, September 18, 2014

How small is TOO small?

I remember when we thought that our 1400 sq foot home was too small.  Funny.  It's easy to say that we were different people then...and I guess we were...but really we weren't.  We were us. but without a clear vision of who we wanted to be. 

We began scratching at the surface a few years back, trying to figure out who we wanted to be...but it had to do with a nicer house, better schools...though our first taste of understanding ourselves was wanting some property so we could have a hobby farm.  From there it grew, sometimes accidentally, and then eventually into a very purposeful look at ourselves and who we wanted to be.  To begin to learn who you are and what you really want, on a deeper's like solving the mystery of life.  There is a comfort that comes with knowing what you truly gives you the confidence and integrity to withstand just about anything. 

Living small is part of our journey.  Realizing that we didn't need (or want!) more space has allowed us to pare down our lives to a very manageable level.  Financially speaking, we have always lived below our means. We carry no debt, we budget, and we save.  We did not need to downsize on a financial level.  We did it to remove the useless weight on my shoulders, cleaning and organizing all the time...and never winning the battle against mess or clutter! And we did it to be closer together, I hated having everyone in a different one was happier or kinder for it. And we did it to save even more money, rather than just tossing it away...between rent and house upkeep, we're saving over $2000 a month!  It's also less stress on our lives...being so safely in the financial black, not having much to clean, and being so close together has changed our lives so profoundly.  It's given me time to focus more on being the kind of parent, wife and human that I want.  I am calmer, kinder, more fun, less stressed and more actively involved than I have ever been. small is too small?  I guess that's up to you...but we're in 250 sq ft...and I have never been happier.


Fritzrips said...

We lived and traveled in a 32ft fifth wheel for two years with one kid. We went from 2,250sq/ft to the RV, never had any issues. Now we live in 900sq/ft condo in Ketchikan, and the size feels huge.

Small is better. As you know.

Maggie Blue said...

Awesome! We're headed out to travel by camper/truck for a year or two with our two kids! The camper will actually be bigger than the boat. I sure am looking forward to not having to put my bed away every day!

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