Thursday, February 20, 2014

This is what homeschooling looks like...

You know that feeling that you're absolutely sure that you've chosen the right path in your life, and your heart is completely full? 

This is what it looks like for me.

This journal has been something we've been doing for a few months.  Sometimes it asks a question that you answer, and sometimes it's just free space to fill in.  I love being able to open up in a written format.  It allows me to explain something completely, and since she's reading it it gives her more time to process it.

This journal entry was based on an interaction that morning (similar to most mornings). When getting off the boat in the snow Laurel wants to have both of my hands to jump off. But some mornings I have a hand full of stuff...and she cries that she's too scared to jump...and I get frustrated and yell because she's making me late. But this day was special...I did NOT yell.  But I also did not cave.  She eventually jumped off holding on to one of my hands, and we talked about it on our morning walk through town to get Luke to school.  But she was still upset with me, even though I tried to explain my side.  So when it came time to journal my pen just started talking to her...and then she understood.  I don't think she understood my full meaning (about helping to teach her how to face the world bravely), but she understood that I always have her best interest at heart.  I love these little moments, especially since I don't think we would be having them if we hadn't decided to homeschool...and to a certain extent if we hadn't simplified our lives and moved onto the boat.

All I know is that more often than not my heart is really really full.  

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