Thursday, February 14, 2013

DIY Kids Valentines: Whales & Sharks

We are all about sea creatures here.  We also like to make our own Valentines, it's sort of a tradition in our family.  The designs started with an idea, then a sketch...then a desire to have something you can take home (besides just the card).  Cards end up in the trash (or the woodstove) pretty quickly, so it's nice to have a keepsake that people can take and use.

These are nice because a kid of 5 or older can do it themselves.  And since it's felt, no need for fancy machines or finished edges.  The work goes pretty quickly if you cut all the felt first, then sew them up.  We spread this out over a few days, and incorporated it into our homeschooling.

 The front was made with scrapbook paper in a variety of ocean-y shades. After all the felt-creatures were sewn we had a family craft night to finish the cards.  We set out all the materials for card making---to make each other homemade Valentines---and to finish these.  The kids cut and pasted everything themselves, then we taped the creatures onto the cards.

THEN...we made our own cards.  Pop-up was the theme this year...

And what Valentines would be complete without a love-inspired meal?  We went simple this year by making heart shaped burgers.  Special does not have to mean expensive or complicated.


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