Friday, August 31, 2012

Homeschool Ready

I had three major hurdles to getting ready to homeschool this year:
1) Clean the house (because everything is better when the house is clean)
2) Pick a curriculum (talk about a daunting task)
3) Figure out where to begin (easier said than done)

Having leaped over the last of the three hurdles this week, I am ready to go. Thankfully my husband cleaned a large majority of the house while I was on vacation with the kids...yay! The curriculum research took several weeks, but after much debate and thought I narrowed it down. Figuring out where to begin however is even more challenging. Thankfully after meeting with homeschool moms three times this week, I am ready to go.

And now I can't wait. I face this new challenge like a full time job (which is good, because full time work is what I know). I have goals to complete and a boss to please (not a boss...she's more like a tiny partner). I can't wait for our books to arrive, but until then we will review the core basics from the previous year, and the rest will be an unschool approach (based on what drives her interests that day). The first few weeks I expect we'll just be feeling out our new schedule, and deciding what we like (and what we don't). Thankfully I am well suited to playing-it-by-ear, so no worries.

We will officially be starting on Thursday (when Luke leaves for preschool), so the official countdown has begun. I know I'm ready because I feel at peace with everything. I love when things work out the way they should at the right time, and then you just know it's right.

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