Sunday, November 6, 2011

Purple Starfish and Glow Dancing

The weather held out this weekend giving us a chance to explore our new home a little more. We went out to Settlers Cove on Saturday and hiked and explored the beach. We found the most beautiful starfish, the first was a color of purple that my camera couldn't capture well enough to do it justice. We also had some seals playing in the water right behind us the whole time we were playing at the beach. Saturday night I promised the kids we could have a glow party. So we set off all the glow sticks and danced our hearts out.

Sunday we went to Rotary Beach and collected sea glass, explored and collected driftwood for the fire. Now that we're heating exclusively with wood we are going through our wood supply much faster than we expected, supplementing with driftwood keeps us from "burning through it" too quickly.

I think I was made for the Pacific Northwest. While I wish there was a little more sun, a little less rain and a little more snow...I really can't complain. So far since moving here we hike more, explore more, bake more, read more...etc etc. That is exactly why we moved here, to be the kind of family we just didn't seem to have time for in Atlanta. There are so few distractions here, I get to just hang out with my family. I get to workout everyday, I get to knit everyday...I even get to watch network television after the kids go to bed. I am a happy woman.

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Mary Virginia said...

I lost a lot of weight when I moved to Alaska what with all the hiking. Unfortunately, up here I don't get out so much because of the more extreme weather. BTW, you can take the starfish out of the water for a bit and look at all their little feet and photograph them so long as you put them back where they were. It's fun to go tide pooling! Oh, and those were sea lions. ;)

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