Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cross Country We Go

We are on day six of our thirteen day journey to our new home. Today we drove from Flagstaff to Las Vegas. Everywhere we've been for the past few days we are surrounded by beautiful mountains. Last night we camped in Sunset Crater National Park and got hit by one heck of a storm in the middle of the night. The kind that keeps you up all night and makes you wonder what you should do. (stay or make a run for it) We stayed, we survived. It was also our first truly chilly night, and we realized we aren't prepared for chilly just yet. Thankfully the temperature in Las Vegas was 95 today and the pool was just right. Here are some back logged pics...

Day 1: New Orleans

We ate alligator, went to a Voo Doo shop (and bought mom some skeleton earrings), took a horse carriage ride, walked from Bourbon Street to Jackson Square and back. (and I crocheted a hat for Laurel on the way to New Orleans)


g2 said...

got something in my eye.

wow. the kids look amazing. I'm so envious.

I'm actually sitting here plotting my AWOL to AK in DEC. :-)

Love you guys


g2 said...


cats are not very edible?

grandma and grandpa said...

Keep writing and taking pictures. We think the kids have grown since you left. They just looked so sweet!I'm going to make a couple of pictures for Grandma. I know she will love them too!

We love you all,
Grandma and Grandpa

grandma and grandpa said...

Oh boy,my note from yesterday didn't go through! So I'll send a new one.

Your kids are great about eating new foods-even alligator-good for them... The pictures of Luke and Laurel were so cute.They look bigger already.
Keep writing and sending pictures it makes us feel close to you all as you continue on your way to
Grandma and Grandpa

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