Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Back in the groove...the turtle groove

So after finishing an order yesterday I just decided I had to make something new. I just had to. I didn't want to sketch it, I didn't want to measure it...I just wanted to make something. Thankfully I've been doing this long enough that something completely freeform like that usually works out well enough to be used. I remember when that wasn't the case...I made some doosies. But it's all part of the trial and error process.
I had this nice sage green canvas left over from other orders and I decided I wanted to make a turtle. So I started with the turtle itself, and when it was done it made me realize something...I don't like to do things the normal way. As I'm looking at this non-symmetrical turtle I'm picturing a throw rug, a crayon caddy, a placemat, etc etc. And I reaffirmed that I like doing things MY way. I could make a million plain crayon caddy roll-up thing-a-ma-jigs...OR I could make one in the shape of a turtle. One that looked like a rocket. One that looked like a bug. IT IS SO MUCH MORE FUN!! And in the end, it's what makes me stand out. Of course the problem becomes pricing. I'm sure you could find someone selling those crayon rolls for $5...but making a plain fabric item like that doesn't take much time. But when you're planning, designing, doing something new, cutting out custom parts, piecing it together, making it takes time. But they're all my designs, everything is unique, it's what Maggie Blue Designs is known for. Something original, something unique...something just for you. So I hope people realize that. I know some people do, and for them I say thank you. It's people like you that allow me to do business with the motto "originality over quanitity". I just made that's not really my motto. Seriously...that would be a boring motto.
So here we are, the Hipster Turtle Purse. (Hipster because I made the strap long to fit over my daughters chest and fall to her hip like a messenger bag...just like mommy's)


Sewing-Chick said...

Oh that is so precious :) I love the heart on it.

I totally know what you mean about the unemployment thing! I feel the same way. I feel guilty about it, but I can't help it. I want to be the one to stay home with my baby!

Eleana said...

That is lovely! I'm glad to hear you had fun creating it :o)

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