Monday, November 17, 2008

So I had my first bad show.  Not just me, everyone.  Though it was even worse for those of us that had booths outside.  It was cold, and very windy.  We spent the entire day chasing down hats, tutus and aprons and picking up the artwork that blew down every few minutes.  Finally when the rain started about 2:30 we figured it was time to call it in.  Lucky we did, apparently the sky really did open up a little while later.  
The show itself didn't have many people, and those that came were grumpy and not really even slowing down enough to browse.  However, I did get my first taker for the handpainted cards.  Really she just wants the painted part, she doesn't care about the cards.  But so what.  It means someone else out there thought they were cute enough to buy.  That makes me feel good.  
So for now I've posted a lot more of my inventory on ETSY and we'll see what happens.

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